Winter Off Road 137 (800x600)Winter Off Road 140 (800x600)¬†Hmmm, what to do with 7 and 13 year old boys???? Got it – OFF-ROADING! I’ve been in the spring, but never in the winter, so we took my 7 year old son and 13 year old cousin out with Alpine Adventures for an off-roading excursion. Our guide let my cousin ride up front with him (very cool). We strapped in and headed out. It was cold, but they had some blankets to put over the ones who wanted it, and let me tell you, those Pinzgauers can go anywhere! Right over the ice and up the side of a mountain we went, bumping all the way. We stopped at a landing area and all got out to admire the amazing views. We all took advantage of some great photo-ops before heading back down. Gotta tell you, the downhill was scarier than the uphill! I was a little surprised that it wasn’t bumpier, but our guide explained that some of the ruts fill in with ice to smooth things out a bit. Just like the spring tour, I think everyone’s favorite part was the “seat belt check”. They drive that truck right up a super steep hill so it practically feels like it’s standing on it’s end! Afterwards we came back to The Lodge and soaked in the hot tub.¬†Super fun for the whole family (my mom and aunt came too!). Check out our off-roading lodging packages on the Packages and Specials page of our website and see for yourselves!

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