NH Sandbox

By August 11, 2010Uncategorized

102_0082a102_0072aWritten by Kate (one of our front desk employees):

We recently took our 12 year old grandson, Austin, to Glenn’s Sandbox in Woodstock, NH for an “Earth Moving” experience. Since Austin loves big machinery, this was perfect for something different.

We were taken up to the sandpit in a neat 4-wheel drive Ford Excursion. Glenn fully explained the use of the excavator and bulldozer as well as the safety requirements of the machines. Then it was time for Austin to jump on board and begin his job of digging and filling. He dug a huge trench-like hole ON HIS OWN and wanted to jump in for pictures! He then had to fill it back in with the bulldozer. We got great pictures and had a wonderful 2 hours.

Austin called after his return to Maine to tell “Pepere” it was the coolest thing he had ever done! we would highly recommend The Sandbox for family fun (and bored teens)!

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