Polar Caves!

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What to do on a HOT day? Go to Polar Caves of course!  I hadn’t been there in a couple of years, so I decided it was time to re-familiarize myself with this attraction (plus, my son loves it there!). My plan was to see how Polar Caves compared to Lost River. Well, they are totally different. At Polar Caves, you go “up” – pretty much up a rock cliff (by sturdy stairs of course). The caves are in the side of this mountain and are much larger and longer than any of the Lost River caves. At Lost River you go “down” – down into a gorge with a river running through it. The caves are tighter and shorter and most of them have water inside. You get cool views at both places, but again they are totally different. Polar Caves has scenic vistas from way up high, and Lost River has waterfalls and river boardwalks. Both have a Lemon Squeeze and “chicken walks” if you choose not to go through the caves. Polar Caves also has deer and ducks to feed as well as a peacock and colorful pheasants. Both have cool gift shops with lots of affordable trinkets.  So I guess visitors are going to need to go to both attractions for two completely different White Mountain experiences. 🙂

Many thanks to Rob at Polar Caves for his hospitality. I was reminded of how much I enjoy visiting those caves and will surely go back again next year!

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